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    Tips for Packing Container:
  1. In rare cases, you may need a permit to have a shipping container position at your location; you may want to confirm with your local city hall.
  2. Please check the container for any holes or serious dents and clean it out if necessary.
  3. The container sits on a flat bed about 4 ft. from the ground, as there is no ramp or lift attached, you may make or rent a ramp or simply have more manpower to load and secure your items in the container.
  4. It is important to secure your items in the container to prevent any shifting, as that may cause damage to your items.
  5. The walls of the container are corrugated and have grooves so you can use strong ropes, nylon, or straps to secure your items. The container floor is wooden and you can nail items down to secure.
  6. Make sure that there is no leakage of any liquid. If you are loading motorized vehicles in the container, it is most important that gasoline must be drained and battery terminals disconnected and battery secured.
  7. Before closing the container, you may want to brace the back with partitions to prevent any forward or backward shifting.
  8. A tight fitting load is the key to prevent damages to your items.
  9. Do not load any hazardous materials in the container, such as paint alcohol, ammunitions, even perfume. If you are not sure of any item that might be hazardous, please check with one of our agents.
  10. These are just some tips to add to You list when loading container, please use good discretion and care when loading the container to prevent any problems that might occur due to improper or disregard in loading of the container.

    Tips for Packing Boxes
  1. If you are using used boxes, make sure you cover up completely the markings on the boxes with adhesive tapes, otherwise you can use new moving boxes.
  2. Adequate padding providing cushion strongly recommended for fragile or breakable items. Each box should be filled full. Do not use newspaper to fill any voids. Sometimes double boxing with foams in between them is a good idea for very fragile items.
  3. Do not pack any hazardous materials such as alcohol, ammunitions, aerosol even perfume in the boxes. If you are not sure of any item that might be hazardous, please check with one of our agents.
  4. All boxes must be shut and sealed with strong adhesive tapes.
  5. Label each box with your full name and the country that is shipping to and the number and amount of boxes (1 of 12).
  6. These are just some tips to add to your list when packing your boxes, please use good discretion and care.

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